The Legal Position 

Can I park on a highway?

In law no one has any right to park upon any highway in this country. All Parking is an obstruction of the basic right of anyone to Pass and Repass without let or hindrance.

Parking on any part of the highway - including a verge or a footway is an obstruction of that highway under Section 137 of the Highways Act 1980.


 The Position of Combe Parish Council

Parking of cars on the roadside is causing problems for other road users. Most planning applications that have been granted during the last ten years have made conditions for providing off road parking, however in many cases cars are being parked on the public highway, rather than in the provided areas. Often the reason is given that the garage is being used for other purposes or it is easier to leave the car out on the road, rather than opening the garden gate to put the car off the road. In some cases the driveway is used for other purposes so there is no room for the car. The parking often means the grass verges which we think look so attractive, which the Parish Council arrange to be mown and maintained are being eroded away by vehicles getting past these parked cars. The parked cars could cause safety issues causing pedestrians, children or animals being hidden from the view of drivers. It would be tragic if someone was hit as a result of unnecessary parking on the roads. Please try and help our village to be safe and look attractive.

This is a picture of Akeman Street looking towards the Stonesfield Road junction taken on 10th April, in a most unusual state, there are no parked cars! The damage done to the verge and wall is obvious, caused by parked vehicles forcing traffic into the opposite verge. The bank is being pushed up against the wall causing it to lean over and collapse. Also there are some pedestrians walking safely on the footpath further up towards the Stonesfield Road junction, not having to worry about being hit by traffic forced up to the footpath by parked cars.


The photograph below, looking back towards The Green from the Stonesfield Road junction. The verge has been eroded by traffic having to avoid parked vehicles on the other side of the road. The road traffic also has to drive on the footpath as can been seen on the photograph and the kerbing for the pavement has been pushed down into the ground. The security of the kerbing for the footpath has been adversely affected, resulting in less safety for pedestrians.